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(Note: Vantage Markets (VantageFX) has recently updated their website, however the guide below is still valid and can be used.) 

(P.S. A video of step by step guide is Also attached below!)


A - How to open a PAMM Managed Account with VinciFX   

What is a PAMM?
‘Percentage allocation management module’, also known as ‘percentage allocation money management’ or PAMM, is one of the most popular forms of pooled money forex trading. Investors allocate their money to a qualified trader/money manager who trades on the PAMM managed account using their own capital and pooled investor deposits. Investors participate proportionally in all generated profits, based on the size of their deposit as a percentage of the total PAMM managed account deposits, less any agreed performance fees.   

Open a basic trading account with Vantage FX

  1.  Click HERE, complete the requested information and ‘open a live account’:

  2. Provide your personal details and enter the VinciFX referral code 8593.

  3. Enter your address details.

  4. Indicate your employment and financial details. These are necessary for compliance purposes and are not used to assess if you are eligible to open an account.

  5. Configure your account by making the following selections:
    • Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4
    • Account Type: RAW ECN
    • Currency: Currency of your choice (USD Preferred) 

  6. Verify your identity by uploading proof of identity (Driver’s License, Passport or National ID Card) and proof of residency (less than 90 days old, showing your name and address).

  7. A basic trading account will now be opened for you, which you do NOT need to fund as this is not your PAMM managed account.


Once the verification process is completed you will receive a confirmation email from Vantage FX. This can take up to 48 hours.

Navigate to the ‘Home’ page of the Vantage FX portal without funding your basic account.


B - Open a PAMM trading account with VantageFX 

  1. On the Homepage of the Vantage FX portal, click on ‘Open Additional Account’.

  2. Configure your additional PAMM account by making the following selections:   

    • Trading Platform: MetaTrader 4
    • Account Type: PAMM
    • Currency: USD

    Note: If you have an existing Vantage FX account from which you would like to transfer funds into your new PAMM account, make sure you set up the latter in the same currency. 

  3. Fund your PAMM account by choosing the most convenient way for you to make a deposit.    

    The minimum deposit for the VinciFX managed account is USD 200 so please ensure you deposit at least the equivalent of this amount into your PAMM account if it not a USD account.   

    The amount you deposit into your PAMM account in this step is not automatically the amount you invest through VinciFX. Later, when you connect your PAMM account to the VinciFX PAMM managed account, you will have the opportunity to specify how much of your deposit you would like to invest through the VinciFX PAMM managed account.

    a. Transfer funds from an existing Vantage FX account with the same currency as the PAMM account. 

    Note: Funds cannot be transferred between accounts of differing currencies.

    b. Deposit funds into your PAMM account.   


How to Get Connected to VINCIFX PAMM Server (Video)

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