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With a professional background and over a decade of experience, VinciFX is here to ensure that your financial present and future is on the path to success.

Here is an Overview of About us: 


Who is Sepz?

  • Sepz, our founder is an analyst and a trader of financial market.
  • He has over 15 years of experience in this financial market.
  • He mainly focuses on short time currency pairs opportunities. (Day trading)

What is he's method of trading?

  • He's main focus is price action.
  • He doesn't trade during high impact news.
  • He mainly trades during London and New York sessions.
  • He trades only when he sees an opportunity in the market based on a set of rules.

How does the system work?
  • Activation investment is $5,000 (or the equivalent of other currency).
  • Sepz Trades his own account and client's account mimic his trading activities based on the maximum drawdown level the client have chosen. This system was designed by VinciFX and it is fully automatic.
  • Regarding the DD levels, for safety, in the event the chosen DD level is reached, all trading activities will get ceased and client will get informed. 
  • VinciFX has no access to deposit to withdraw clients fund. 
  • Hidden SL and TP always in place.
  • Average expected Net ROI annually : 15% - 35%  (depending on your DD level)
  • Performance Fee: 40% from the monthly gains.
  • Management Fee: 0.2% per month.
  • Hard Stop-out level in place to protect the account.
  • Anti-Negative balance protection.
  • By law, Funds are kept in segregated Trust account (UK clients with NatWest.)
  • Access to clients portal. (Password protected by clients)
  • Deposits and withdrawals with No fee and at any time.
  • Operating under a FCA Regulated body.
  • 10% of entire VinciFX revenue is spent on good cause.
  • Live reports. 
  • No contract or experience needed from clients.
  • No hidden fee.
  • Competitive Referral opportunity available,(Ask for more details.)
  • Past Results are available on request.
  • In unlike event of bankruptcy, clients fund are protected by Financial Services Compensation Scheme | FSCS.
  • Accepting Clients from 195 countries.
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